AART Integrated Projects: Offering End-to-End Cleanroom Facility Solutions

Rajesh Gupte,FounderThe only source of knowledge is experience” - Albert Einstein.

These words come true in the case of Rajesh Gupte, Founder and Managing Director of ‘AART Integrated Projects’. Possessing over 25 years’ of work experience in the cleanroom project management from various international multibillion $ companies in the Europe, Singapore, Taiwan, and Middle East Asia, Rajesh Gupte donned the hat of entrepreneur in 2004 by starting the venture AART along with his two colleagues in Germany. Started as an engineering design unit and project management company, today AART has grown to an end-to-end solution for all kinds of cleanroom requirements. Rajesh shares, “Our main motivation for growing as an end-to-end cleanroom solution is continuous demand from our satisfied clients to extend the services and support we provide. Considering our clients’ request to involve in installation, testing and commissioning of cleanroom projects, we decided to step into technical management facility as well.”

Conceptualization of the Cleanroom to ‘Start of Production’ and later on by providing Operation and Maintenance Services for all the facilities and Utilities, AART supports its client in Hassel

AART has had the privilege to be a part of innumerable advanced projects which made them accumulate comprehensive insight on the international business standards, latest technologies, work culture, and product qualities

free realization and trouble free operation of Cleanroom facilities. AART’s Multi-disciplinary expertise that caters to Cleanroom, HVAC, Electrical Process Systems, instrumentation, controls helps clients get all the services under single roof. AART is one of the few companies that can claim expertise in diverse Industrial HVAC applications for General Industries like Electro-Mech and Chemical to Biotech/Pharma and Microelectronics Industries and participation in the some of the most complex HVAC systems in the world. He says, “Our quality assured services, tailor made solutions and commitment enforces companies to choose us as an ideal partner for their challenging projects. A few such clients we worked for are TATA Power Solar, Sun Pharmaceuticals, MW Products GmbH, Germany. AART believes in two values- honesty and integrity and this has helped us to get repeated orders; once the relationship is built with the customer, that bond is for lifetime.”

A Trustworthy Name in India and Abroad
Over these years, AART had the privilege to be a part of innumerable advanced projects which made them accumulate comprehensive insight on the international business
standards, latest technologies, work culture, and product qualities. “To quote an example,” Rajesh went on. “In 2004, during the initial days, AART was involved in designing Intel, Israel and AMD, Dresden FABs using a futuristic 3D software offering high level Intelligence and real-time analytics. The online real time Multi-discipline Project design help co-ordination between different professionals from India, Australia, Israel, German, and US. This reduced communication, Rework, impact of Time difference of Multinational team. After almost 15 years, the technology is still not implemented on Indian Projects. We are proud to say that AART is bringing latest technologies and international standards to India through our international work experience.” The service backed up by the thorough understanding of international as well as local project management makes AART the right partner for both Indian companies working internationally and international companies working in India.

With 160 professionals who have a plethora of talent and skills, AART evolved impressively since its inception. “From 2014 we are growing 40 percent year-on-year. Next year it could be 60-80 percent, considering the on-going contracts. We are not planning to get into production or manufacturing of cleanroom panels. Our focus will be on project management & Project execution and presenting good products from both sides of business. Processes are on the way to expand in Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) and Environment Monitoring System (EMS) business. AART envisages the position among top 3 cleanroom project companies and largest microelectronics cleanroom Solutions Company in India by 2020-21,” concludes Rajesh.