Aadi IT Services: Providing Technology Driven Efficient Software Testing Solutions

Rajat Jain,Founder & CEO

Rajat Jain

Founder & CEO

According to a NASSCOM report, the worldwide software testing outsourcing and quality assurance market is expected to grow from $30 billion in 2010 to $50 billion in 2020 and India is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of this growth. With the growing dynamics of market and looking at the current global scenarios where everything is getting digitalized, it has become more important than ever for all applications and software to work in proper and expected way. This is where IT firms reach out to various Quality Assurances and Software Testing firms to make their applications error free and increase their productivity. However, with the rapid growth in this industry, companies are finding it difficult to get providers who can provide quality services within the provided timeline. But Aadi IT Services stands out with its high quality technology driven quality assurance and software testing services.

Going a Step Forward
Founded in 2012 with an aim to touch and explore undiscovered
areas in IT Industry, Aadi today provides services like Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing , DB Testing, ETL Testing, API Testing and many more through its team of highly experienced professionals in tools like meter, VSTS, Load Runner, Selenium, Query Surge and many others. Aadi and its proficient team of software testing experts ensure that clients' designed software is capable enough to prove its worth before going into the market. They conduct rigorous tests on the software based on various parameters and each test conducted is designed in a way that it would be able to judge the software through multiple aspects.

Aadi IT Services stands out with its high quality technology driven quality assurance and software testing services

Not stopping at this, Aadi goes a step forward. "We value our clients the most and that is why, even after testing the software and handing it over to them, we remain in touch with our clients.

They can get in touch with us anytime if they need any consultancy regarding the software," says Rajat Jain, Founder & CEO, Aadi IT Services. Along side, the company also does application development,
mobile app development, web development, and digital marketing and maintenance services.

With technological changes and introduction of new methods & software happening almost every day, Aadi tries to keep the manual work as low as possible, therefore minimizing the errors caused by humans. In order to do so, the company has introduced automatic reports and analysis providing technologies which are accurate and do not require human interference. The company believes in providing quality services with its in house development team and also makes sure that none of the client's software data is compromised. "Being a brand ourselves, we value ethics and principles and that is the reason why we never let out any of your software information to anyone apart from our team and client him self / herself. We adhere to strict rule and non-disclosure policy," says Rajat.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the 10 people work force of Aadi is always motivated towards continuous improvement of skills to match the current industry standards. Catering to a list of clients including Interplay Energy, ICS Foods, Immilytics and many more, the company now aims to continuously improve its process to meet client requirements and also to get its people certified in tools and technologies to provide leak-proof QA & Software Testing services.