Aacess Automation: Bringing Innovation Through A Range Of Future-Driven Entry Automation Solution

Shafiqh Abdul,FounderThe market for automatic gate and door opening systems continues to be quite promising. The rising installation of automatic gate and door opening systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors is attributable to market growth. Furthermore, increased knowledge of the numerous benefits of automatic gates and door systems, include improved security, substantial energy savings, and low operational costs, boosts market share.

Furthermore, factors such as rising infrastructure development, rising need for automatic barriers, and a surge in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors around the world influence market growth. However, one key disadvantage of the companies in this area is that one business sells the motor, another fabricates the gates, and yet an-other executes the installation, resulting in mismanagement and a problem for the end product user owing to a lack of coordination between them.

Recognizing this, Aacess Automation has been successfully addressing the aforementioned issue, since the entire process, which includes AutoCAD, 3D drawings of Recognizing this, Aacess Automation has been successfully addressing the aforementioned issue, since the entire process, which includes AutoCAD, 3D drawings of the gate, manufacturing, and installation of the gate, is per-formed all under one roof. A competent team of seasoned professionals ensures this by carrying out activities under strict supervision. The entire emphasis has been on providing the highest quality, sophisticated technology, and workmanship.

Offering State-of-the-art Entrance Solutions
Aacess Automation provides Designer Automatic Gate solutions for clients across a variety of industries, including industrial, residential, and commercial. With a solid infra-structure in place, combined with leading-edge technology and equipment such as in-house powder coating booths and German laser cutting machines Access Automation has clearly carved out a niche in Telangana.

The gates are completely customizable as per the clients' specific needs, allowing them to choose the design, size of the structure, outside cladding, and virtually everything. All of this began in 2019 with the goal of providing complete customer satisfaction by offering a product line that includes the entire range of Entry Automation Solutions. The company's primary goal was to give consumers the most innovative and advanced entry solutions possible by incorporating cutting-edge automation techniques.

The company manufactures all varieties of automatic gates, such as sliding gates, swing gates, telescopic sliding gates, and cantilever sliding gates. Designer gates with Mild & Stainless Steel frames, 50 Shades of Exterior HPL Cladding and 15 Shades of Natural Stone Cladding are available. In addition, various laser cutting designs are used to improve the look and feel of the gate.
"Our team understands the value of exceeding client expectations. As a result, we have given them the authority to make judgments and take action in order to ensure consumer loyalty. We are fortunate to have a skilled and experienced team of specialists who help us manufacture a wide range of items. Our dedicated workforce leverages its knowledge and technology capabilities to ensure that the highest quality goods are supplied to our clients. We hold training sessions at regular intervals to keep our team up to date on the latest techniques and specializations in order to suit the needs of our clients", says Shafiqh Abdul, Founder at Aacess Automation.

"We also have a skilled team of quality inspectors that test the complete product line on numerous quality parameters to ensure top-notch product delivery to our prestigious clientele. The quality controllers understand the needs of our renowned clients and then take the necessary steps to match those needs with the products that they deliver", he adds.

A Glorious Journey towards Excellence
The most valuable asset of any firm is its prestigious clientele, which can only be achieved by continually delivering defect-free items to its clients. Consumer credibility is also a very strong factor, which Aacess Automation has achieved by consistently offering our goods with no compromises in terms of quality deliverability. Aacess Automation is a firm that has expanded steadily since its beginnings to become one of the leading Entry Solution providers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, serving a diverse customer base across the country. The company has a strong track record of more than 4 years in the field, with numerous distinctions for the projects it has completed. As an ISO-9001: 2015 certified firm, Aacess Automation strictly adheres to all of the methods and procedures out-lined in the ISO-9000 standards in order to produce only high-quality goods.

"I started this business after doing proper R&D myself with a sliding gate motor that I purchased from a dealer in Bombay and had kept that motor aside for a year because I could not find a right company in Hyderabad to install it for me. It was then I found the gap in the market. I took this opportunity as a challenge and quickly established my own company. To my surprise, we had landed more than 35 clients in the first year alone, which summed up to the growth of Aacess Automation; this increased my column of investment on marketing and social media, and we are growing stronger and better every day with larger projects and reputable clients", highlights Shafiqh Abdul

Access Automation has clearly Carved out a niche in Telangana. The company'sprimary goal Is to give consumers the most Innovative and advanced entry Solutions possible by incorporating Cutting-edge automation Techniques

Aacess Automation is supported by an experienced team of competent personnel who are well-versed in the usage of cutting-edge technology such as a BODOR laser cutting machine from Germany, an AMADA Bending machine from Indonesia, and an in-house Powder Coating and Heating Machine. Aacess Automation exclusively works with reputable international companies that provide a minimum of two years of motor replacement warranty, and the installation is done by professional workers with sufficient understanding of production and installation of the given product. The organization thinks that the client should receive the greatest product and that it should be maintenance free, as malfunctioning products would incur needless maintenance expenditures.

"The major issues that clients confront these days are with the product's quality and functionality. Many clients abandon the idea of automatic gates due to a lack of effective after-sales assistance. We invite our clients to visit our older sites to have a better understanding of our quality because we are present throughout the city and even in a few distant places. In this case, a prospective client comes to us with space, design, and budget constraints. This is where our years of unrivalled knowledge and experience in over-coming these limits by designing the most practical and cost-effective solutions comes into play", explains Shafiqh.

Aacess Automation has begun giving clients with 3D drawings, which allow the customer to better assess the ultimate product that will be given to them, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. The company also provides a one-year warranty on the gate and a two-year warranty on the motor. In the future, Access Automation plans to collaborate with dealers in India and around the world to develop improvements and newer designs based on global demand patterns.

“I’ve garnered my expertise from my father, Rafe Mohammed who has been in the industrial field from the past 26 years; manufacturing a wide range of material handling equipment and upgrading it each day to become the only manufacturer in India for products like Battery Operated Trolleys, Cable Pulling Winches and Railway Clip Applicator’s under the brand name of Aacess Equipment’s. Bringing innovation and integrating it with latest technologies at an affordable price combined with hard work and a vision has been the key to success”, concludes Shafiqh.