1neClick Online: Progressive Business Functioning & Networking for Organisations via Digitization

Sukhdev Singh Gill,Founder&Director

Sukhdev Singh Gill


The marriage of India (metamorphosing into a digital nation) and the most sort after search engine Google can yield explosive results that can open, not a window but an entire gateway of opportunities. With around 200 million Indians using the internet and Google is working with collaboration with Indian Railways to provide high speed Wi-Fi network, this digital wave is here to stay. Companies today are riding this wave and almost now 74 percent of the businesses already have their company website and remaining 9 percent planning to take it up in future. With the aim of contributing to this scenario, 1neClick Online has dedicated it self to provide customer centric and quality services to its clients that would cater to their digital marketing needs, coding, computer languages and also assist businesses in Google Street View segment that is known to enhance end customer serviceability.

Established in 2014, the company is 'Google Street View Trusted Agency', and a 'Google Partner', which adds value to the brand name and provides a mileage to 1neClick, while customers show
significant curiosity and seriousness to do promotion on Google. The company is just a click away from their digital solutions and can be trusted to develop cost effective solutions with its in depth insight.

The success of 1neClick’s services lies in its noteworthy effort of introducing its clients to new technologies and denying any sort of outsourcing to any third party

1neClick primarily assists its clients develop and design their website in a clean and interactive approach that can help them garner a strong consumer base. Adding a relatively new feature of Google Business View 360 Virtual Tour, one can showcase their business in Google results i.e. Google Maps and with professional photographers, provide holistic experience to their end consumers, every time they visit their site. 1neClick also extends web promotion along with providing SMO and SEO solutions to facilitate online presence of the customers.

In addition to this, Google Adwords, a much needed feature, is provided that can help clients improvise on their advertisements and span it across a much larger network as the customers show case significant seriousness to do promotion on Google.Also, digitization and mobility are offered in a rock solid combination
of mobile apps development for the clients that sought to improve its product scalability and expanse. The success of these services lies in the noteworthy effort of the company of introducing its clients to new technologies and denying any sort of outsourcing to any third party. The centralised backend team is capable enough to cater to any diversified service.

Towards a Radiant Future

Experiencing its own fair share of challenges, Sukhdev Singh Gill, Director & Founder, and an industry expert of 15 years, states, "It took me several years to execute my thoughts into actions". Due to lack of standards and regulations encouraging freelancers to step in the market and take undue advantage by over committing and ultimately failing, results in lack of trust by genuine clients. But with customer oriented services and solutions, 1neClick has managed to tide over this obstacle and garner a noteworthy clientele of Titan, Shahnaz Husain, Mount Litera Zee School, Mercedes Benz and so on, and also been awarded by Google for 'Special Contribution' in 2014 for executing the number of photo-shoots within a stipulated time period of six months, and 'Top Agency in Asia Pacific' in 2015. With perseverance and dedication, today the company is enjoying an annual turnover of Rs.10 crore and foresees the vision of spanning in to Tier II and III cities and open up more potential avenues via overseas operations.