17Seven: Keeping UI/UX Designs up a Notch

User experience helps in contriving user touch points for a business in order to achieve the objective and communicate better as well as retain the customer. User interface becomes the window for customers to engage with the web or mobile application, and avail the service offered by the organization in the most desirable way. It possesses a range of elements from the layout and text placement, to the graphics and sliders that performs specific functions to interact with the user. Being a design job that falls into the hands of a UI designer, they must understand the requirements of the customer and create tailor-made applications that serves to the needs and demands. The end product from the designer decides the quality and feasibility of the design. A convoluted user interface rings the bell for poor navigation through the application or website, resulting in the less customer retention.

Contained with a passion to equip businesses with an edge for the products and services offered, 17Seven is a digital design studio that specializes in user experience and user interface design for mobile as well as web applications. The company, based out of Mumbai, believes in producing minimal design coupled with a meticulous attention to details, and issuing care to communicate the purpose in all the work involved. 17Seven bring to bear UI/UX design practices to meet the aspirations of startups and established brands with digital product design. By offering intuitive user interface in delightful applications, the company assists organizations in acquiring a brand personality that make them stand out in the crowd. Exercising a project-to-project management in collaborating with the clients, 17Seven indulges in other engagement models such as design partner and consultant. As a design consultant, the
Vimal Kutmutia , Founder
company works with clients for their products and becomes the driving force for their team. "We understand the project, objectives, goals, users, and expectations. By setting a plan to devise a roadmap and framework for businesses to accomplish their missions, we work hand in hand with clients' team to make sure they are progressing on the right path and keep reviewing as well as consulting them on the set course" explains Vimal Kutmutia, Founder, 17Seven.

Before starting with the development stage, the company also employs visual design strategy that helps in defining brand personality, visual language, and style guide of the system

17Seven has got a way of doing things when it comes to product design and delivery. As an initial step, the company embarks on research & discovery on the business, where product understanding, stakeholder interview, user interviews, competitive analysis, and data gathering measure are carried out. Later it jumps to experience design practice in which a number of factors including strategy, information architecture, user journey mapping, wireframes, and interactions are considered. Before starting with the development stage, the company also employs visual design strategy that helps in defining brand personality, visual language and style guide of the system. Subsequently, in the production stage the company focuses on the development strategy, HTML/CSS, browser compatibility, and testing process. Since its establishment in 2013, 17Seven has worked with reputed brands in creating pleasing and ravishing designs for websites as well as mobile applications.