Rubixe: Enabling AI from Ideation to Execution

Ashok Kumar  ,   CEOBusinesses around the world are exploring AI technologies to advance themselves. Many organizations are already deriving transformative businesses-value from AI technologies. However, it goes without saying that new technologies come along with their own set of hesitance and do’s and don’ts. AI technology services provider is cool, but a partner that can handhold a business right from consulting through management to deployment is something that can make a difference. Based out of Bengaluru, Rubixe is a global technology company specializing in disruptive technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Block Chain and Internet of Things (IoT). This AI domain player works with client to understand their business process and identify the possible nodes where AI can make a difference. Following this, Rubixe works on the products & services to be implemented.

With decades of experience in technology consulting for many
industry leading companies, Rubixe team brings a unique blend of business and technology expertise to provide strategic consulting solutions to enable business’ to adapt to evolving technologies. Ashok Kumar, the CEO at Rubixe is an AI expert, has 15 years of technology innovation experience. Ashok is chosen by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a govt of India undertaking, for coaching CEOs and Presidents of MNCs. Last CII event, 2-Day workshop on AI adoption in businesses, conducted by Ashok, was attended by 35 top executives from organizations across the industries, including CTS, WIPRO, TVS, Rane Group etc.

"Rubixe consulting division focuses on providing high level consulting services to the organization in shaping their AI strategy"

Rubixe expanded its operations from Netherlands to western European countries and UK, with AI services and consulting portfolio with delivery team based in Bangalore, India. AI services majoring focused on delivering AI solutions to the client specific requirements in adapting AI for the business,

Rubixe consulting division focuses on providing high level consulting services to the organization in shaping their AI strategy and gain competitive advantage in the market. Adopting AI is not always cake walk for organizations that have been operating on traditional grounds. The cultural change is a pain point for AI transformation.
Rubixe has expertise in implementing AI for entire organization from the top-down. The Rubixe team conducts multiple sessions and workshops with the human resource heads and the people in the organization, whose jobs are impacted by AI. The objective is to show them a clear path of re-skilling and adapting to another job within that domain.

In early 2018, adding to existing AI services and consulting portfolio, Rubixe launched its first product ai4commerce, AI powered eCommerce product, empowers eCommerce portals to present a customized front page with selective products to different visitors based on their individual profile. ai4 commerce is an artificial intelligence software residing in the e-commerce site, which calculates the probability of products purchase for website visitor and shows only products which have high buying probability. A plug and play production in e-commerce portal, this software is proven to increase the sales by 20 percent.

Rubixe has also developed a versatile Chatbot platform, which can be customized to the business of any industry in a matter of few days; given that the related chat data from past chat history is available.

Rubixe is already a recognized player in global AI solution providers and showing promises to reach great heights in the AI industry as leading global AI company.