Veeble Hosting: Highly Personalized, Flexible & Scalable Web Hosting Services For All

Ashwin Narasimha, CEO & MD,Nisanth V Issac, CBDO & Director

Ashwin Narasimha, CEO & MD

Nisanth V Issac, CBDO & Director

Are you fed up with choosing the same old fixed web hosting packages from an endless list? Are you sick and tired of paying for features and services that you don’t use, and are on the lookout for flexibility when it comes to paying for the resources you exactly need? If this is the case, then Veeble Softtech answers the plight by giving its consumers the freedom to build a personalized package by choosing the required resources with an anytime scalable option. Whether you are building your application in PHP or ASP, Veeble Softtech has got the compatible hosting services for all purposes. Veeble has lowcost servers with the capability to share resources to dedicated highend servers supporting Domains, SSL, Emails, Monitoring, or Cloud Storage. From an amateur blogger to a business set up running on a highend dedicated environment, anybody can avail Veeble’s highly customizable web hosting solutions at the desired international locations, including the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, UAE, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Unlike other service providers who charge a discounted price on the first payment and a very high renewal cost, Veeble, on the other hand,provides highly competitive rates on the first payment as well as throughout the subsequent renewals.

"Veeble today enjoys a wide reaching global presence.veeble's services are trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs all across the world"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, "said Eleanor Veeble's founder Ashwin Narasimha is one of the few Indians who started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 17. From his early childhood, Ashwin had a craze for computers & innovation and was always on the lookout for new ideas. Initially, during his college years, Ashwin used to

Nisanth V Issac, CBDO & Director
create websites for different events. Ashwin was immediately attracted to the idea of hosting. There after, he ventured into the reseller hosting space. The idea of reseller hosting didn't quite hit the success as Ashwin had expected. This prompted Ashwin to find new grassy meadows, and he turned to VPS hosting at the age of 20.

A dedicated server was required to get started with VPS hosting. When he first started the Veeble journey, Ashwin had to purchase a $1 first month dedicated server to list it out on Veeble's original website. As Veeble began receiving orders after orders, Ashwin had to onboard two other college friends. The three young entrepreneurs over

came all hardships and swam against the tide to make their vision a reality. In 2011, they registered the company and success
fully opened Veeble's first startup office. Ashwin became the Managing Director & CEO of Veeble at the age of 22. Since then, Veeble has always standardized its pricing along with providing highquality web hosting services.

Over a sweet span of 10 years, the trio has transformed Veeble Softtech into one of the fastest growing webhosting domain providers out there today, responsible for powering more than 40,000 websites. The secret behind Veeble's success is it creates a win win situation for both parties. The company specializes in providing fully managed dedicated servers that take care of hardware and network services along with server administration, server monitoring, as well as periodic updates, and other security fixes.

Veeble offers a unique all-in-one feature rich client panel, wherein by logging into just one panel, the users can manage all the services, right from conducting an upgrade/ downgrade, pay bills and contact support.

Features Galore
Additionally, Veeble offers a unique all in one feature rich client panel, wherein by logging into just one panel, the users can manage all the services, right from conducting an upgrade/downgrade, pay bills and contact support. The customers can even reboot/reinstall their servers and check real time resource usage statistics within Veeble's powerful panel. Most importantly, Veeble's web hosting solutions give the convenience of one click installation of all the applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Codeigniter, etc.

The loss of data due to OS failure, hacks, or other mistakes can be painful for anybody. Veeble Softtech has got this issue undercover through the company's guaranteed weekly backups of customer data done periodically on a remote location on cloud servers. `We always abide by our our tagline Peace of Mind. Let our Experts do,, reveals Ashwin.

Offering Quality At The Heart Of Everything
Veeble experts are bold, honest, and specialized network professionals adept at resolving critical server issues. The team is constantly experimenting with new ideas and has a hunger to innovate and do things differently, which sets Veeble experts apart. They have built a unique MultiVPS technology that enables Veeble users to easily manage multiple Windows and Linux VPS.

From the moment customers purchase Veeble services until after sale, Veeble experts work round the clock all around the world. They assist clients in achieving growth and ensures that users always have a positive experience.

Enjoys A Formidable Global Presence
Veeble today enjoys a wide reaching global presence. Veeble's services are trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs all across the world. As the growth partner to small businesses, highgrowth startups, and multinational corporations, the company serves more than 25000 clients from across 155+ countries. Most of Veeble's international clients are from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands. The company is also a registered entity in the US and has co-located servers across five continents.

When it comes to ease of doing business, Veeble tops the charts with over 20 different payment methods globally. This allows Veeble users to pay their invoices from anywhere in the world, regardless of the payment method they choose.

Looking To Tap Into The Indian SME Segment
In the recent conversation, Ashwin revealed Veeble's intention to cater to individuals and SMEs spread across India. He believes that Veeble's highly customizable packages are ideal for small and medium sized Indian businesses. The immediate goal is to expand deeper into the Indian market, and in this regard, Veeble is soon to launch cloud servers located in India.

Furthermore, it becomes complicated for individuals and SMEs to host in AWS and manage AWS services. Veeble Softtech is also in the process of integrating AWS to its feature-rich panel so that customers can manage the AWS servers with ease.