Aaroh Labs : Customized Solutions Targeted at Advanced Technology Nodes

Girish Ashok Gaikwad,Co-Founder & CEO

Girish Ashok Gaikwad

Co-Founder & CEO

According to KBV Research, the Global ASIC Chip Market size is expected to reach 24.7 billion USD by 2025, rising at a market growth of 8.2 percent CAGR during the forecast period. Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is the kind of integrated circuit (IC) for a particular purpose or application. These chips are highly customized to deliver superior performance in specific applications. However, once it is put into production, ASIC cannot be changed. ASIC market growth is driven by increased demand in the consumer electronics sector, Data Centres, Automobiles, Data processing systems, Hyperscale machines, Education technology sector and Health industry.

Headquartered in Pune, Aaroh Labs creates custom integrated chip solutions for clients across multiple geographies and major industry verticals. As a full ASIC design service company, Aaroh Labs provides high quality, first-pass custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) design services which aligns with its customer requirements. At Aaroh Labs, the team of technocrats focuses all the innovation and energy to deliver time-to-market critical, low power, highest performance and minimum size ASICs which leads the way for customers’ success.

“At Aaroh Labs, we do not just believe in customer-vendor relationship. We go beyond this and consider ourselves as partner to our customer to ensure our customers success”, says Girish Gaikwad, Co-founder & CEO, Aaroh Labs.
Customer Specific Solutions
Rightly so, Aaroh Labs’ engagement with customer starts at a very early stage of the customer’s product definition- ideation. This enables Aaroh Labs team to articulate the ASIC requirements that are aligned with customer’s end product requirements. This, in turn, enables to deliver an ASIC which exactly fits customer’s requirements, The activities involved during the life cycle of ASIC for a customer spans from architecture specification to tape out (production ready ASIC layout) of customer ASICs. Aaroh Labs also offers assistance in production of the ASICs. Other class of customers approach Aaroh for netlist to tape out activities and/or enablement of ASIC production.

Aaroh Labs specialises on Advanced Technology Node Semiconductor Design Solutions for market categories like as Storage, Data Centers, Computing, and IoT

Traditionally, Indian semiconductor service companies focus on providing services to big scale semiconductor companies by providing skills. Aaroh Labs has built expertise in converging the design to tape out thereby meeting the Power, Performance and Area requirements of the ASIC. Aaroh Labs essentially helps customers on their journey to the market.

While customers focus for on their Ideation, System and Architecture, they need ASIC implementation experts to deliver the product in the market on a decided time & cost bracket, Aaroh Labs becomes a reliable partner who fulfils their Time-To-Market, Cost and Quality requirements. “We are one of the few Indian semiconductor services Start-ups focusing on becoming tomorrow’s India’s Fabless ASIC house”, adds Girish.

Aaroh Labs has worked with start up customers to deliver world’s first computational storage flash drive ASIC. This technology is believed to bring revolution in the way how data is stored and accessed from flash drives of giant data centres. Carrying this zeal to continue innovating in the near future, Aaroh Labs intends to win designs in different upcoming market segments.Aaroh Labs is focusing on key IP developments, refining its methodology to have predictability in the ASIC cycle, while taking quality to the highest rank. “As a startup we believe in collaboration. We have collaborated with industry’s top IP vendors, tool vendors and made few strategic engagements, which enables Aaroh Labs to knock the emerging market doors”, concludes Girish.