Quiklrn: Powering The Transformative Journey

 Pranav Shetty,   Principal

Pranav Shetty


In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and professional development, Learning Management Software(LMS) solutions have emerged as indispensable tools. With the rise of remote and online learning, LMS solutions have gained prominence, enabling seamless access to educational content, personalized learning paths, and interactive engagement. The industry is witnessing a surge in demand for adaptable platforms that cater to diverse learning styles and deliver measurable outcomes. However, as technology advances, challenges such as data security, user engagement, and integration with existing systems remain pertinent.

Amidst these trends and challenges, Quiklrn stands as a cutting edge cloud-based platform, streamlining the intricate processes of deployment, course administration, and content management for academic institutes as well as corporates alike. This innovative solution effectively bridges the disparities inherent in traditional learning and training procedures. With its integration of diverse learning approaches, Quiklrn emerges as a comprehensive training platform that caters seamlessly to the needs of contemporary learners, effectively aligning with their unique preferences and styles of learning.

Exceeding Client Expectations
With a steadfast commitment to exceptional client experience, Quiklrn places learner-centricity and client-centricity at the core of its solutions. The Quiklrn platform has redefined the learning landscape for many prominent educational institutions including GM Global School, a prominent residential institution established under the G M Global Educational Trust with the sole aim of nurturing students to reach their highest potential.

“G M Global School is a unique educational institution that focuses on providing an immersive learning experience for its students by offering exclusive residential courses. We wished for a technology platform which would create a personalized learning experience for every student. Quiklrn adaptive learning system has helped us greatly to achieve this objective. The Quiklrn platform has been the key to transforming the classroom experience and enhancing the overall learning process. Quiklrn’s adaptive learning system, met several of our requirements like personalized learning, targeted remediation, increased engagement, continuous assessment, reduced dropout rates, and addressing learning variability”, shares Pranav Shetty, Principal, G M Global School.

Quiklrn’s adaptive learning system has seamlessly integrated with G M Global School’s mission to provide a bespoke learning experience. Empowered by the Quiklrn App, each student here is equipped with a personalized tablet. Recognizing that every student possesses unique learning styles and needs, the Quiklrn platform has enabled resident teachers to focus on individualized guidance, allowing students to learn at their own pace. This integration has not only enhanced the teaching process but has also revolutionized the way students engage with their studies, aligning perfectly with G M Global School’s commitment to innovation in education.

Revolutionizing Learning
Sharing more about Quiklrn, G M Global shares how the platform has been an absolute game-changer. The cloud-based, data-driven, and AI-powered learning solutions have unlocked incredible transformative potential. What’s truly remarkable is how the platform breaks free from traditional learning constraints, giving the learners the freedom to access courses
whenever and whenever they need. And let’s not forget their content store it’s like a treasure trove, neatly organizing learning materials based on relevance and the chosen courses, not to mention the accessible e-books provided from reputable publishers.

“Introducing Quiklrn was a mission to empower the next generation with essential skills and to leverage technology to meet the need for the younger generation to thrive in an ever evolving world. The platform, being an AI-enabled Super-Learning App for knowledge management and skills development served this purpose perfectly. Its SaaS-based learning services integrated with a specialized toolkit to track and provide targeted intervention to improve learning outcomes and competencies helped not just students but also teachers in a tremendous manner”, shares Suparna Shetty, independent technology consultant associated with G M Global Educational Trust for past eight years.

Quiklrn’s unique personalization feature has empowered learners to curate their own learning paths, incorporating notes, weblinks, images, and documents from various sources, even integrating content from social media applications. Robust assessment features gauge learning effectiveness through non-graded and graded assessments, while advanced encryption ensures multi-tier content security. Quiklrn’s comprehensive system maintains data integrity, preserving audit trails of assessments and training records, essential for audits, accreditation, and compliance adherence.

Quiklrn’s Solutions
Quiklrn’s innovative platform combines multimedia elements for a rich learning experience, including presentations, quizzes, videos, and images. It features a real time monitoring dashboard for institutions and secure license management for accessing e-books and journals. The Quiklrn App integrates a local language translator for inclusivity. Assessments, online and offline, support adaptive learning, and the platform aligns with Outcome-Based Education(OBE). Quiklrn even offers consulting services for accreditation, assisting with documentation and meeting NBA and NACC accreditation requirements. It’s a comprehensive solution that elevates the educational experience.

Quiklrn is focused on using technology to create an AI-enabled Super-Learning App for knowledge management & skills development

“We wanted a system in place to help us monitor how well the child is studying or to help us identify where a particular child needs help. Since every child learns differently, it was difficult to come up with a system to identify gaps, until we came across Quiklrn. Through discussions for finding a suitable solution, we agreed on deploying the platform in our school which proved to be a boon, helping us teachers to identify challenges and offer additional support to students as needed”, further shares Pranav Shetty, Principal, G M Global School.

G M further highlights Quiklrn’s standout features explaining that the organization is thrilled to be a partner since this platform boasts an impressive array of core features like the Course Manager which has simplified everything from course creation to enrollment management and assessment, offering the school valuable data-driven insights into daily operations. The Adaptive course pack tool has enabled personalization of content packs, catering precisely to the learning objectives and incorporating various formats like PDFs, PPTs, images, and videos.

But what really sets Quiklrn apart is the commitment to learner-centricity. The firm integrated local language translation, AI-powered IN-Video search, and text-to-audio features, ensuring that every learner’s needs are met. Notifications keep users updated on course schedules and content updates, and Tracking and Reporting features provide real-time dashboards for course progress and assessments.

Future Roadmap
“In addition to sophisticated features, we are also focused on core content. For the school level we are soon launching STEM content, and communicative English courses integrated with labs for enhancing the school teachers’ capabilities with resources for effectively engaging with mid-school and high school students. For Universities and undergraduates, we are building professional English communication courses to bridge industry readiness gaps amongst freshers and improve placements. Our secured content delivery services have been used by 70 plus institutes PAN India, including multiple IIMs and IITs”, shares Rajesh Saha, Co-Founder, Quiklrn.

Having established a stellar reputation in the industry, which is evident from its simple growth in number of active users from 30000 users in 2020- 21 to 1,75,000 users in 2022-23 Quiklrn aspires to establish itself as a frontrunner in the SaaS-based education services domain, with a strategic vision to encompass the entire spectrum of the learner’s journey spanning from educational institutions to corporate settings. The company’s trajectory involves a steadfast commitment to ongoing enhancement, aiming to elevate and refine its learning offerings within professional environments.

This roadmap underscores Quiklrn’s dedication to evolving into a comprehensive and indispensable platform that caters to diverse learning needs and continually advances learning experiences across various stages of the learner’s life, which will in turn help the firm in achieving new records of achievement.