Om Group Of Companies: Transforming The Global A2P Bulk Messaging Sector Through Client Centricity & Technology-Driven Solutions

   Anil Verma,   Founder & CEO

Anil Verma

Founder & CEO

Marketing is a powerful tool for any organization to connect and grow awareness about its product line and enhance its customer base. In the current era of digitalization, marketing is no longer limited to traditional channels. One of the powerful mediums for organizations to connect to mobile users in the communication market space is A2P Messaging. A2P messaging stands for Application-to-Person messaging and is a one-way communication channel that organizations use for business promotion as well as enhancing the user experience through a software application. Some of the most common use of A2P messaging are SMS Marketing campaigns, OTP messages, alerts or reminder messages, and many more.

The global A2P messaging market is currently valued at $65.7 billion and is estimated to reach $86.7 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 4.2 percent. The ever rising mobile subscriber base is the primary reason behind the rapid boost of the market. The dependency on mobile phones was further heightened during the pandemic. With people’s growing usage of mobile phones, organizations aim to boost their revenue by spending more on A2P messaging. Owing to their exceptionally large mobile subscriber base, China and India are considered some of the key players in the global A2P market. With digitalization at its core, the Indian A2P sector provides services to almost all sectors and is worth more than 200 crores. Realizing the future market opportunities, many players have entered the Indian A2P sector.

An Inspiring Journey through Failures
Started by Anil Verma, Om Group Of Companies is a Punjab based leading bulk SMS and digital marketing organization with specialization in A2P and P2P bulk SMS. Initially started as a bulk SMS marketing company, Om Group Of Companies, over time, has added other marketing services, such as social media marketing, website development, search engine optimization, lead generation, sales maximization, brand development, Google advertisement, affiliate marketing, and many more customized services based on client requirements. The firm also provides highly reliable APIs that can be integrated with the client system and allows clients to send bulk emails, voice SMS, and so on for promotion.

Starting his career around 16 years back, Anil Verma, CEO of Om Group Of Companies has one of the most inspiring and exemplary entrepreneurship journeys. A commerce graduate, Anil started his career as a Salesperson for a broadband company and worked there for around five years. To realize his dream of being an entrepreneur, he started his distribution firm for a leading telecom operator. However, running the firm came as a huge challenge for him, resulting in business closure. The loss in business left him completely shattered with significant financial loss. Around 2006, he started selling postpaid connections for a retail distributor while doing his graduation in Commerce through correspondence studies in parallel.

In 2007, he used his savings to start a small mobile shop. 2008 was a turbulent year for Anil, both professionally and personally, as he again faced a huge loss in business resulting in business closure. During that time, the untimely death of his newly born son was a massive loss for him. After taking a break, he again went back to selling postpaid connections. During that time, a telecom operator was looking for a person to sell its A2P messaging service and he took up the opportunity. So in 2009, Anil again started his entrepreneurship journey by being the first company in Punjab in the bulk messaging sector and hasn’t looked back since.

An accomplished market leader and entrepreneur with more than 16 years of experience in the bulk messaging sector, anil is currently working as the founder & ceo of the leading bulk sms and digital marketing organization, om group of companies. After a series of failures, he ventured into a2p bulk messaging and has experienced unprecedented success owing to his employee friendly policies as well as client-centricity. A passionate leader with great perseverance, he was awarded the global leader in digital marketing excellence in 2022 uae, dubai.

Today, Om Group Of Companies has more than 15000 global clients, with around 5000 of them being from India itself. Over the years, the firm also has added various addon services owing to client requirements. Today, the firm has its inhouse SMSC servers, IVR servers, miss call alert servers, and Social Media Management servers. Om Group Of Companies also has a team of in-house search engine optimization experts and also takes care of customized software development for its clients globally. Starting from just one person, the firm has come a long way over time and currently possesses an employee strength of around 120. “Whenever I get a chance, I share my failures with my subordinates and tell them that your boss got failed four times. For me, failure is the key to success. You should never shy away from failure”, shares Anil.

The 3W Policy Behind the Success
What makes Om Group Of Companies stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is its mission and vision that revolve around 3Ws – Win for customers, Win for employees, and Win for the company. The firm always believes in customer centricity. For instance, Om Group Of Companies initially used to work with third parties as distributors. However, to take care of the growing client demand of getting campaign reports, Anil learned coding and developed the client portal himself. The firm also generated APIs to help clients integrate the firm’s services into their service infrastructure and also has ventured into WhatsApp and social media marketing. The firm still has its loyal base of customers sticking to it since its inception in 2009. Coming to the second win, the firm prioritizes its employees’ welfare, job satisfaction, and quality of life more than anything. The employee-friendly policies have helped the firm retain many of its employees over the last decade. The last and final win prioritizes the company’s growth.

Future Roadmap
Coming to its future roadmap, after unprecedented success in the A2P Messaging sector, Om Group Of Companies has ventured into other sectors over time. The firm has recently ventured into the education and training sector through its subsidiary firm, Om Education & Training. The firm has already ventured into digital and technology solutions through its subsidiary firm, Om Digital & Technology Solutions. As part of its course of action for the next five years, the firm is also coming up with three more subsidiaries - Reyansh Motion Pictures, Om Enterprises, Om Investment, Om Graphics and Innovations, Om Digital and Technology Solutions and Om Enterprises Global UK under the umbrella of Om Group of Companies. Through Reyansh Motion Pictures, the firm has ventured into making animation movies as well as short series and is planning to set foot on the national stage through OTTs. Through Om Investment, the firm has also ventured into real estate.