Second Largest Ecommerce Hub By 2034

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorOver the course of time, business sector has evidently adopted the changes in operations to stay ahead in the cutthroat competitive world. E-commerce technology trends have a significant impact on online shopping. Therefore, it's no news that it will continue to have the influence of new technology, new consumer demands, and the constant shift from desktop to mobile devices.

New age technologies like Artificial Intelligence have proven to be the trendiest of all. Artificial Intelligence is augmenting e-commerce companies with recommendation engines, chatbots, virtual assistants and warehouse automation. AI-driven
tech is also able to understand consumer behaviour and buying patterns. Being able to predict trends accurately will ensure that consumers needs are better met. Artificial Intelligence will provide a more personalized customer experience in the coming year.

Ecommerce websites are the next crucial thing for brand building. Every organization that plans to sell online, must have brand identity. Almost 80 percent of your business' acumen depends on your website. That's called brand building. As ecommerce owners and managers, building a powerful and engaging online brand is the most important work. Simply put, it is a KPI that cannot be penned down. However, if done right, every single goal will be achieved. Unfortunately, few brands invest early and often in their online branding strategy. In fact, it is often an afterthought of success. Something brands get to when they have enough money and time. But you don't get the opportunity to make a first impression multiple times. How you present your brand across the web matters ­ and it matters from day 1.

There are several other parameters that make an ecommerce business what it is. In this edition, we at SI bring forth the vendors who have made it their core competency to help India meet the vision in 2034.

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