May The Salesforce Be With You

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorSalesforce in itself is a technology phenomenon. The mere mention of it is enough to explain the every specifics of the business problem one is trying to address. Because of its constant growth, Salesforce has rightly earned all these accolades. It has revolutionized the way companies; business, organizations etc are dealing with their CRM systems.

The substantial benefits of Salesforce are reflected through the shift to a more focused customer experience. As social media increasingly populates the IT landscape by transforming the ways customers interact, it creates a domino effect by also changing the communication relationship between customers and businesses. provides an innovative platform for businesses to consolidate all customer interactions and improve the customer
experience. Combine social media with innovative technology and the two plays a hard nudging factor, paving the way for emerging smarter cloud ecosystems. With `mobile' being at the heart of the majority of technology creator's minds, businesses are also being nudged to keep up with the `mobile' trend. Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to be mobile as it can be easily accessible from any kind of device with an active Internet connection.

This brings us to the most important question. What will you do if you are a small business but nevertheless want to understand and use Salesforce for your business? The answer might sound rhetorical, but that's the one we got. Salesforce, via its partner program has ensured that its benefits are reaped by small and medium sized businesses as well. Salesforce partners are the day and age's middlemen who can actually realize benefits for your firm. Organizations seek Salesforce implementation partners for various purposes. Regardless of whether you're beginning from the starting point and require an adviser to bring your business through the on boarding procedure or you have an exceptional venture that involves help with customisation, a Salesforce consulting partner can bolster various necessities. However, not just any Salesforce consulting partner can do the trick. A Salesforce partner should have all the required certifications, application advancement & engineering and well defined and transparent on-boarding procedure, and inventive & complex critical thinking. These ingredients make a firm a great reliable consulting partner. So in this edition, we have based our research on these parameters and bring you the top 10 Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers 2019.

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