Key Elements from Ideation to Execution

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorA decade ago, most designers were new to digital design. Two decades ago, everyone was new. There was something exciting about being the trailblazers helping to define how User Experience, as a profession, would evolve. Since the rise of bootcamp design schools in the early 2010s, thousands of new designers are entering the market each year, a faster turnaround time than that of graduates who enter the workforce after completing traditional education programs. And all of them are now getting their highly anticipated Design Lead title.

Building a brand story starts from your company’s physical representation which highly depends on the picture you put across on the social media and your firm’s webpage. It starts with the designer’s imagination, and end with the web developers deliverable. Web
development too has seen significant evolution from platform to platform and from frameworks to framework. Website development process has upgraded with the increasing technology evolution in the world. With the efficient technology and experienced service of web developers, the enterprise can get the updated status. PHP is one such technology that stands out due to its opensource nature, scalability and community support. Once the technology has been decided it’s time to choose the right PHP framework. One should choose the right PHP development framework for developing a website is not that easy task. You have to think twice or thrice for selection of framework based on the cost, security, easy development process and many other factors. PHP frameworks even come with inbuilt automated tasks to reduce the code. One best example for such framework is LARAVEL. Laravel is highly used open source PHP development framework used to design customized web applications easily and quickly. Most of the developers prefer Laravel because of its wonderful features and performance. There are 14 Laravel versions available and each new version makes the developers work simpler with the advanced features. Don’t worry, we’ll not discuss them here.

However, user interface and user experience are the roots of software products. Whether it’s a web app or mobile application, if you’re not providing a good user experience to your visitors, you might end up losing all your traffic soon. We get that, EVRYTIME. Therefore, this edition is introducing you the best of both the worlds. So now since you’re all set to catapult your business, let us know if this list was helpful.
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