En Route to Zero Emission Goals of 2070

With the world pondering over the question as to How to transition from fuel based energy to clean energy, it has become imperative to observe mobility as the harbinger to induce the change.

Electro mobility solution is a fundamental part of the future energy mix. It will make a vital contribution in reducing the impact of transport and help achieve climate-friendly transportation that is good for the environment. Government regulations to decrease carbon emissions are forcing the call for alternative fuel vehicles. Electric drive trains ­ powered by batteries, fuel cells, etc. endeavour the most promising technologies to boost overall efficiency in the transport sector.

Electric vehicles are getting more popular than ever, and surveys suggest the market will likely rise by 200 times by the end of this decade if India sticks to its 2030 plans. Later electric vehicles, to be broadly accepted, a complex ecosystem must provide to all EV requirements. Numerous suppliers need to work together, which includes EV manufacturers, battery developers, BMS providers, tech providers, charging solutions providers, etc.

Electric vehicles are very eco-friendly. The batteries used are charged with renewable energy, and they are zero-emission. Electric vehicles need significantly less maintenance and fewer repairs; they do not have many parts and mostly no combustion engines.

The government of India have introduced several schemes and incentives to support electric mobility in the country, and some regulations and standards are also in place. While the country benefits primarily by shifting its transport from IC engines to electric motor-powered, there are hurdles like lack of charging infrastructure, high initial cost and lack of electricity produced from renewable energy. But still, e-commerce companies, car manufacturers, app-based transportation network companies and mobility solution providers have started the business. They are slowly building up electric cars and bikes capacity and visibility.

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