Digital Signage - A Tell Tale of Modern Brands

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorWhether it's in shopping mall, hotel, airport or restaurant, digital signage continues to evolve by offering more than the traditional static message boards that we're used to seeing. We are now embracing complimentary technologies that can invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences for the user and the network owner.

The one-to-many passive sign approach still dominates the majority of the digital signage market today. Whether it's a corporate lobby, retail store, airport or employee break room, passive digital signage is a cost effective way to disseminate information to customers, employees and visitors alike.

The adverse to the one-to-many signage approach is the interactive kiosk, which is traditionally designed to address one person at a time.
Interactive kiosk-based signage usually requires a touch-active display along with custom programming and mapping of content specific to the application. Becoming proficient in the development of the content for interactive kiosk applications as well as the ability to design and fabricate the kiosks themselves is essential to being successful in the space.

The trend we are seeing more and more is the addition of complementary screens in conjunction to the primary interactive kiosk screen. This approach serves a dual purpose by providing interactive messaging to individuals as well as providing passive messaging to the masses. The reduction in the prices of LED/LCD systems is the major factor helping it penetrate the high growth regions across the world. Additionally, in the commercial space, LED-based signage boards offer durability and ruggedness in addition to greater visibility, compared to that of traditional lighting arrangements. Rapidly dropping prices for LCD screens have led to an increasing number of installations of digital signs. We're also starting to see the lines blur between mediums. It's been easy, and important, to make the argument that digital signage is not TV. But's that no longer quite true.

Int his edition, we see a number of digital signage provider blurring the lines between what's possible and what's not possible. Telling your brand's story to your customer is not going to be the same. Its transforming with companies like Scala on board. Therefore, we bring to you the 10 most promising digital signage solution providers of 2019.

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