PeakHR: Reliable and Accurate Time Keeping

Businesses walking along the digital transformation path have also laid considerable attention on the time & attendance systems of their businesses. More businesses are moving towards biometric technology with their workforce management software. The main factor for adopting biometric attendance software is to replace the traditional and obsolete paper based time tracking system such as passwords, personal identification numbers(PINs) and time cards. These traditional options are used to clock in and out and access computer networks. The reason behind the replacement is the old system proving too inefficient and slow down the productivity. Biometric application is said to be secure and accurate as compared with traditional methods.

Imphal based IT products and services provider, Globizs has built an exceptional cloud wireless based attendance system that helps track and monitor employee attendance much more accurately and effectively. Globizs’ PeakHR is an effective time tracking system that helps different government and private organizations to keep track of attendance, access control system, and many more. The PeakHR software allows administrators to check daily or monthly staff attendance, entry and exit summary, list of employees & their details, employees on leave, setup in different categories such as branch, shift, department, etc.

Making Employee Data Accessible Across Branches

For businesses having multiple branches in multiple cities, capturing the attendance of all the employees and collecting it at one point (head office)can be difficult in traditional systems. Globizs turns the tables here with its wireless system that when installed in all the branches, the head office can access the data of all the branches in real time, thereby saving a lot of time for the business tracking their employees. PeakHR avails various features and is among the largest distributed attendance system in Manipur. It is backed by a standalone fingerprint machine along with cloud based software with mobile app which can be accessed from smartphones.

For single branch businesses, the traditional attendance systems are not looked into as often. The HR head might not be able to frequently check the attendance data. This causes a gap between the punching and reporting of the attendance data. However, PeakHR allows the authority or the senior management personnel to exclusively look into individual employee data and take actions accordingly.
Roshnikumar Yambem,Managing Director

What Clients Have To Say

Globizs has left impressions of its successful implementations for over 5 years. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and empanelled by the Government of Manipur. Given the association with the government, Globizs has always lived up to the expectations and delivered cutting edge IT Services to its reputed clients which includes both private and government sector. Globizs takes pride to have worked with more than 500 clients in the state of Manipur alone. Globizs’ PeakHR has served as a valuable differentiator and client satisfier for Globizs. Some of its successful implementations include Thangjam Agro, National Health Mission Manipur, and JCRE Skill Solution. Robert Lourembam, the Manager HR of Thangjam Agro Industries Private Limited, after using PeakHR, says, “It has been a wonderful experience working with the Globizs team. Ever since we started using their HR Payroll software, Attendance tracking, Leave management and Payroll processing has become more accurate, efficient and time saving for HR function. Moreover, their developers understand our requirements very well and give prompt support each time we face any challenges or need any customization which is very appreciable. The product is light, user friendly and self explanatory”.

Globizs has built an exceptional cloud wireless based attendance system that helps track and monitor employee attendance much more accurately and effectively

The company has always differentiated itself for being a ‘Reliable IT Partner’ for its clients and customers. “We provide the highest standard and satisfying products & services which emerge from our deepset commitment”, says Roshnikumar Yambem, Managing Director, Globizs. Having achieved a milestone in HR function, Globizs is inclined to further resolve complex business productivity problems by giving access to simple IT solutions.

Peak HR Feature
•Inbuilt GSM/GPRS – Sim Based Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine
• Cloud Based Software For Managing The Employees And Attendance Details
• Automatic Retry Of Data Upload If The Internet Is Not Available For An Instance
• Mobile App (Android/iOS) For Real-Time Report On Mobile
• Data On The Cloud Which Is Accessible To Everywhere

Headquarter: Imphal, Manipur
Date Of Establishment: 2004
Key Management: Roshnikumar Yambem, Managing Director
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