Zensciences: The Ultimate Guide in Business with Marketing Telling better stories at the intersection of digital, technology, data and experiences

Rohit Kumar, Co-Founder& Rahul Koul, Co-FounderMarketing as a trade is evolving faster than we could ever imagine; the classical definition of what used to constitute the traditional marketing and advertising has changed. Today, the go-to-market strategies lie at the intersection of Technology, Data, Digital and Immersive Experiences. And our ability to tell engaging stories need to evolve in order to match the changing paradigm.

As former Marketing & Branding leaders at Wipro – Rahul Koul & Rohit Kumar MS – time and again confronted this disconnect for several years of their experience, and eventually conceptualized a fresh approach to bridge this gap. The duo incepted Zensciences – a boutique marketing consulting firm providing services & solutions in strategy, design, storytelling and digital, powered by deep rooted marketing experience, and specialized execution prowess.

It’s no rocket science! Instead of beating around the bush or banking on a ‘big bang’ strategy, Zensciences switches on the consultant mode to comprehend the exact business of clients, assimilate customer persona using data sources & analytics, and devise proactive micro-strategies based on the 360-degree panorama. By bringing in business context to marketing, it aids in bridging the gap between creativity and business outcomes, it subsequently shifts gear to act as an end-to-end digital advertising agency, and thus executes the micro-strategies to engender a large umbrella of go-to-market strategies.

The Age of Micro-Strategies
Driven by these powerful engines, Zensciences caters to a wide horizon of brands from startups that entails growth-hack; to focusing on outcomes for Fortune-25 companies. “Outcome is not always about revenue, but often about visibility, conversions, and influencing the market. On the flip side, people today have become experienced buyers, and hence instead of tossing up big-bang strategies uncertain of outcomes, we build our micro-strategies around multiple experiences and touch points,” explains Rahul, the Chief Strategist of Zensciences. A strong testament to his words is also something that the company takes immense pride in – a remarkable amount of business generated out of digital marketing, in addition to other touch-points like Brand Design, Customer Interaction platforms (including UX,UI and App Development), Content Marketing, and much more.

Wondering how Zensciences builds multiple experiences & touch-points to make a significant difference? The key lies in bringing data & analytics-backed consulting to the picture, rather than lingering on the execution-alone approach. It changes the game to the hilt. Rohit, the Chief Brandsmith of Zensciences, elucidates, “Around 70 percent of our clients stress on consulting, which means we are with them right from the beginning of a problem/requirement. There have been many instances where clients misinterpreted their own problem and we eventually spotted the smoking gun. We acquaint them with the right details and alternatives through a systematic approach”.

"By bringing in business context to marketing, Zensciences aids in bridging the gap between creativity and business outcomes"

For instance, when a leading FinTech startup wanted to influence the US market, Zensciences commenced its operation by understanding the manufacturing costs of its product. Once the product information was fetched, Zensciences’ analytical engine, which consists of various data sources and third-party tools, attained its maximum thrust to understand different price levels in the market and study consumer behavior. With comprehensive data in hand, Zensciences indulged in a close-knit engagement with the client to derive the product’s price points & margins, which played a pivotal role in carving out micro-strategies around various touch points and memorable stories that sailed through audience’s hearts
& reaped overwhelming outcomes. It’s no secret recipe, but this meticulous approach accounts for Zensciences swiftly building a prestigious customer ecosystem of more than 65 clients including Fortune 25 giants within merely three years since its inception.

"We are hard wired in ways to deliver always above the scope of the written word"

Making the Story Memorable
“The way you tell stories is of paramount importance. It’s true that while having a clear picture of client’s business and their customers’ persona, the stories are more likely to make an impact, but it’s our uniquely structured team that makes the stories memorable and ensures desired outcomes,” adjoins Rahul. He sounds great sense as the company has brought in fundamental changes to its team structure – chanting the mantra: one size doesn’t fit all. Nothing like the old-fashioned ready-made structure built around Accounts, Creative & IT teams, Zensciences’ in-house structure is built around experienced Consultants, Brand Marketers, Content Specialists, Creative Artists and many more, who ensure intact quality of solutions, end-to-end.

Team ZenSciences: The X-Factor in the Game
The open work culture with no hierarchy has perfectly chiseled the team, which is a cross section of talents driven by the core of trade that they are trained in, not to mention the diversity of it. Zensciences even has a commercially trained former-pilot on-board, as a brand consultant! “He flew for a European carrier for a span of four years, before finding his passion in branding. We are a firm believer of the fact that people make businesses. And our relationships with our customers and associates define and shape all our engagements. We are hard wired in ways to deliver always above the scope of the written word.” says Rohit.

The similar impeccable profiles on-board fill Zensciences with out-of-the-box ideas, which is undoubtedly the fuel to drive a bright future. Having witnessed a whopping 50 percent growth year-over-year, the company continues to ride along an exceptional growth curve. “More than the overwhelming growth we had over the years, what propels us is the satisfaction that we have solved some of the complex projects and demanding issues,” concludes Rahul. Today, the company is gearing up to take on the future with investments around AR & VR, while building its own analytics & performance marketing toolsets. In 2019, it also plans to launch a couple of sub-brands: Think & Brew (Interactive Experiences) and SparkPoint (Performance Marketing).

Key Management:
Rahul Koul, Co-Founder
The Chief Strategist of Zensciences, Rahul possesses decades of experience in demand generation with a track record of strong execution prowess. His decade spanning stint in Wipro made him chisel himself by successfully leading majority of their global marketing outputs and marketing-functions(teams).

Rohit Kumar, Co-Founder
Rohit believes in the power of simplicity and ideas. His wandering creative mind and appetite for impeccable execution makes him Zensciences’ Chief Brandsmith. He comes from an advertising background to leading teams in business branding roles and over the past decade has built an ecosystem around solving complex problems, creatively

Zensciences in Spotlight:
•A boutique marketing firm, with focus across brand consulting, design, storytelling and digital
•Powered by deep rooted marketing experience, and specialized execution prowess, Zensciences aids in bridging the gap between creativity and business outcomes by bringing in business context to marketing
•Around 70 percent of Zensciences’ engagements are led with consulting
•A prestigious customer ecosystem of more than 65 clients including Fortune 25 giants, built within merely three years
•Positive & fundamental alteration in team structure
•Around 50 percent growth year-over-year

Constituting a uniquely structured team built around experienced Consultants,Brand marketers, Content Specialists Creative Artists and many more, who ensure intact quality of solutions

Startup Packs:
Zensciences provides startups with different plans to hack growth, ranging from Kick-off Plan to TurboCharge Plan and Custom Plan

Case Studies:
•Zensciences recently helped a $500 million, Engineering & Technology leader through the process of its IPO listing. This included building a differentiated positioning for the brand and executing the same across diverse communication channels.
•For a Fortune 25 retail giant, Zensciences runs all the digital engagement and is helping build the employer brand proposition.
•Zensciences helped a Fortune 500 hospitality chain to build its B2B digital presence across APAC.
•Zensciences assisted a leading HR SaaS platform to reposition itself in the market by reworking on its positioning, identity, digital presence, website and UX/UI.
•Zensciences helped a leading Fintech startup reduce its cost of digital acquisition by ~50 percent. This was achieved by focusing on storytelling and optimizing the digital campaigns

•2015 - Zensciences was born
•2016 - Worked on the first crowd-funding Indiegogo campaign
•2017 - Signed the 40th customer
•2018 - Started working with four of the Fortune 50 customers
-Signed the 60th customer
•2019 - All geared to launch two sub-brands: Think & Brew (Interactive Experiences) and SparkPoint (Performance Marketing)