Silkykraftz: Aspiring to Take Indian Craftsmanship to Greater Heights

For many years, Indian artisans and manufacturers have handcrafted items which are eco friendly and sustainable. As a result, there is zero carbon footprint for the same. Taking inspiration from this rich heritage, Silkykraftz is a pioneering business organization which deals with sustainable and eco friendly reusable Indian items such as hand tooled pure leather storage boxes, leather jewelery cases with floral and animal motifs, pure hand tooled leather purses, handicraft items made with terracotta bamboo tray and Indian cork, and gifts for house warming and wedding among others. Currently Silkykraftz is the only business dealing with leather boxes in an organized way and its products are handmade by local artisans.

Sustainability & Customer Satisfaction at its Finest
Silkykraftz has been catering to customers in both B2C and B2B segments all over India and across the world including the EU, UAE, Australia, Canada and the USA. Many of its customers are repeat customers due to the authenticity of its products. The company’s main target audience for its products are environment conscious customers who are aware of the negative impact of carbon footprints. Apart from offering topnotch products to its customers, the company also prides itself in providing excellent customer service. Silkykraftz also has a no questions asked return and refund policy and all of this has helped the company to create an ever growing niche in the market. The company’s commitment to ensure customer satisfaction by going the extra mile has also been recognized on many occasions.

Silkykraftz is known in the market for its fast delivery time all over India and across the world since the company has partnered with several national and international courier companies

Adding more about the uniqueness of its products, Sampurna Ganguly who is the owner of the company says “Our customers get sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly products from us that are not only durable, eye catching, and exclusive, but also value for money. Also, we always use green packaging like reusable paper, cloth, or jute bags because plastic packaging is a strict no for our company. Since many customers buy our products as a gift for their friends and families, we make sure to wrap all of the items in beautiful complementary eco-friendly gift packaging before handing them over to the customers”.

Silkykraftz is known in the market for its fast delivery time all over India and across the world since the company has partnered with several national and international courier companies. Customers can order products at the convenience of their homes itself or visit the company stores. With a dedicated help desk, the company is able to address the grievances of its customers efficiently. The company’s support personnel are very much active via website chat, Phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and different social media platforms which also enables the company to interact with its customers on a regular basis.

While talking more about the journey SilkyKraftz has had over the years, Sampurna Ganguly says, “We started our journey from Kolkata. Afterwards we have established offices in different places of West Bengal, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and many countries across the globe. The revenue has increased more than 400 percent in the last two years. Our workforce is our family and we try to cater to their financial and emotional needs as much as possible. We are constantly spreading awareness about the significance of sustainable lifestyle. In our own way we are trying to reduce the carbon footprints and make the world a better place for our future generations. As a result, this is a win-win situation for our organization, workers, and our customers”.

Silkykraftz’s inhouse R&D team constantly studies the latest market trends and the company regularly conduct surveys both in India and abroad. To continue its journey as a trailblazer in the market, the company has collaborated with several academies for online training of its staff as a part of its skill development program. The company is also using shared cloud storage, and different project management and meeting tools. To keep itself aligned with the latest technology trends, Silkykraftz conducts classroom training by both external and internal instructors as well.

Silkykraftz acknowledges the fact that now more and more people are leaning towards leading a healthier and sustainable lifestyle with reusable items since they do not leave any carbon footprint. They are very conscious as consumers and they trust Silkykraftz to fulfil their needs. To ensure optimal customer satisfaction, the company is aiming to evolve with the changing times and is planning to start its own range of handloom and hand-painted home furnishing products. To cater to the needs of an ever-increasing customer base, SilkyKraftz is also aiming to increase the number of its offices and expand its presence even more.