Om Shakthi Hydraulics: Leading HighQuality Hydraulic Products Manufacturer

Hydraulic power systems come with a combination of components that can be configured into millions of applications to transfer power and reduce mechanical complexity. Hydraulic power systems offer exceptional reliability if maintained properly. If not, problems can emerge causing expensive repairs. That being said, heat, air contamination, and water contamination are the most common causes of poor hydraulic performance. Thus, it is crucial to partner with a trustable hydraulic manufacturer. Into this scenario, enters Om Shakthi Hydraulics with over three decades of experience and quite an impressive reputation.

Inception Story
Om Shakthi Hydraulics is a hydraulic based company established in 1992. Interestingly, the founding trio(Bhojaraju, Balakrishnan, and Krishna Shetty) of the company are longtime friends with decades of experience in various hydraulic industries. The company manufactures hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power packs, and hydraulic equipment according to the customers requirements and applications. The company's initial location was in Peenya, Bangalore however eventually they moved to Dabaspete, located in the outskirts of Bangalore covering over four acres of land. The trio is currently looking forward to exploring more areas of the Indian market and gradually growing to the exporting side of the business.

"Om Shakthi Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power packs, and hydraulic equipment according to the customers' requirements and applications."
Over the years, they have successfully provided service for various sectors including earth moving, machine tools, food processing, defense, material handling, SPM, hydraulic press machines, and other industrial applications. They also provide customized products based on customers' specifications and needs. The company boasts of supplying quality products to various companies in the Indian Industrial Sector and their products widely being used for applications like material handling, engineering, and many more. They are proud of the fact that their supply to construction equipment is gaining worldwide recognition.

Over and above that, they are equipped with their own design, manufacturing, assembly, testing & R& D divisions. All their products are built to stringent international and Indian standards that have found acceptance and acclaim by users across wide sections of the industry.

What makes Om Shakthi Hydraulics stand out? "When it comes to hydraulic equipment, we are the key players since we are well-versed in hydraulics manufacturing," says Vidya Bhojaraju, sales and marketing executive of Om Shakthi Hydraulics. Their expertise coupled with their ability to understand customer application, requirements, and performance cycles make them one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The company takes care of the mechanical side of the manufacturing and designs the equipment accordingly to meet the right lifecycle and other expectations.

Moreover, they are heedful about the manufacturing process leaving no space for errors or compromises. As a result, most of the products are well accepted and never come back with major issues. All the manufacturing is executed well meeting the customer requirement and expectation level. In a way, another key factor that differentiates this company is the less amount of maintenance or repair cases.

When it comes to hydraulic equipment, we are the key players since we are well-versed in hydraulics manufacturing

The hi-fi infrastructure of the company largely helps them in delivering world-class products. The experienced and proficient professionals regulate the whole manufacturing procedure in a trouble-free manner. Owing to their assets and advanced machinery, Om Shakthi Hydraulics are able to build a reputation for delivering their promises to their customers. Besides, all the products are manufactured as per the set industry regulations guaranteeing an outcome conforming to the desired standards.

However, Bhojaraju states that even though the venture is a success in the industry, the company is experiencing slow growth. Due to a lack of solid financial support, a reinvesting system is adopted to keep the show running. On that note, Om Shakthi Hydraulics will be going forward according to their stimulating vision and mission which is expected to result in significant business growth.

Mission & Vision
Om Shakthi Hydraulics are driven by their mission to provide the best quality service to their customer on time and build a long-lasting relationship with them. They always prioritized their customers and make sure to deliver innovative and value-engineered products. In addition, they are committed to excellence in providing only the best products that can compete in the global market. They aim to emerge as leaders by working effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically as a unified team with advanced technologies, and to be part of the technological solutions of the nation.

The company also envisions becoming one of the leading global suppliers of hydraulic cylinders, equipment, OEMs, and power packs in India, abiding by international standards and keeping in mind the SDGs and environmental policies. By doing so, they can provide their customers the best service, while we co-exist with the ecosystem.

As per the roadmap of the company, Bhojaraju shares exciting plans for the next five years. A significant increase in progress is anticipated as the establishment is expanding and adding up other areas of business into the current infrastructure. Besides, Om Shakthi Hydraulics is on their way to launching new technology, and at the same time, looking forward to bringing developments in the scope of solid waste management and agriculture. Since the founding fathers of the company are engineers, they have an upper hand in this space to innovate and introduce technology that can help them to achieve great success."We are targeting an increase in growth of 8-10 times within the next five years", concludes Bhojaraju.