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Jemit Sanghvi, CEOAccording to the latest market share trends, Drupal Development is currently one of the most popular content management systems in the market. Drupal expansion process starts with an inclusive assessment of the client requirements to ensure the application developed matches your requirements. Drupal as a CMS sits largely in between Wordpress and enterprise proprietary CMSs like Adobe CMS and Sitecore in the marketplace. Based out of Ahmedabad, JCasp Technologies delivers a comprehensive suite of Drupal Development services, like Drupal Custom Web Design, Drupal Migration and Installation, Custom Module Development, E-commerce Development, CMS Maintenance, Drupal Template Design and Search Engine Optimization.

JCasp Technologies, as a company, commenced into action in 2011. The organisation plugged upon CMS development in 2013, and the Drupal development journey began in 2014. The organisation primarily focus on developing CRM Development, Customised Back ­ end portals, Laravel Development, QA Services, React Native Development for Mobile Apps and Customised CRMSs niche to its Custom Needs. JCasp Technologies has provided services to the requirements of clients across various industries. The organisation has worked across travel and hospitality, academics, transportation, logistics, banking, healthcare, information technology and electronics. JCasp Technologies have successfully completed more than 400 projects. The organization have customers across the globe such as India, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Switzerland, UK, Germany, UAE, Trinadad, Qatar, Poland, Kenya and Scotland. To flourish the business processes, organisation promotes automated processes and gets rid of
manual system interventions. Company also uses security tools to prevent client's website being compromised by eavesdroppers. JCasp Technologies offer five partnership programs, namely outsourcing partnership, business partnership, independent professional partnership, service reseller partnership and referral business. The first one is to help the customers optimize services that are not part of their company's core competencies. A service reseller partner is given the advantage of reselling the services to consumers irrespective of their backgrounds. Through business partnership, the organisation offers a full range of services to aid in-dependent business consultants and others with expertise across domains, to get a foothold in the competitive field of business. As part of Independent Professional Partnership, the organization helps to alleviate challenges and issues confronted by business in the capacity of professional partner- ship. As a service reseller partner, distributing services to other organizations and the organizations would resell the service to the consumers according to their background.

The whole technical team of the organisations offers completely customized and functional drupal websites with valuable CTA buttons that results in higher conversions

The organization mentions the use of AI in E-commence as AI is one of the fastest succession of technological breakthroughs due to smart solutions that transforms e-commerce industry. Artificial Intelligence also helped to introduce the visual search engine in the e-Commerce sector.

JCasp Technologies aims at developing user-friendly Drupal websites for all the clients. The whole technical team of the organisations offers completely customized and functional Drupal websites with valuable CTA buttons that results in higher conversions. "Our customers come to us with a variety of challenges, across various business verticals. Some of them may need a complete website with Drupal integration; some might need an application developed." says Jemit Sanghvi, CEO, JCasp Technologies. "We have worked with a client, who was with us from the inception. We started with small tasks and gradually build up a bigger project on mobile application for android and IOS." He added. In the coming years, JCasp Technologies will provide software products, online applications and other tools that deliver results even under the most stressful conditions. With regards to the future, the organisation would like to further understand the client's requirements and continue providing the adequate solutions. JCasp Technologies desires to nurture lasting relationships with the clients by providing them the accurate value for their investment. The organisation aims to understand customer needs and realise them by harnessing the company resources and using them optimally.