Corp Comm Studio: A Solution-Driven Investor Communication Agency Committed To Delivering Outstanding Results

Incorporated in 2010, Corp Comm Studio is an end-to-end investor communication agency with a strong emphasis on the area of annual report services. Over the years, the agency has built quite a reputation for itself in the financial communication space and has marked its excellence in developing and conceptualizing benchmark annual reports. Corp Comm Studio has become one of the leading agencies offering annual reports along with services meeting the IR (Investor Relations) requirements and expectations of their clients and addressing the various challenges they face. That being said, the clientele base of the agency is 95 percent of listed companies and the remaining unlisted entities. Various services provided include secondary research and content development, annual reports, integrated annual reports, sustainability reports, corporate films, AR microsites and videos, investor presentations, and IR academic programmes.

Inception Story
Corp Comm Studio was founded by Vinod Menon, Managing Director, whose experiences as a business media expert helped in building the agency from the ground. Later Pramila Pinto joined the company as Director and since then the agency expanded its client base across India across industries.

Corp Comm Studios unique capabilities in the investor communication domain have enabled them to grow & support numerous organizations in enhancing their investor communication strategies

The agency follows a very lean and flexible business model to align with its vision and mission. For that reason, they welcome members with an entrepreneurial mindset and the agency’s current strength is 15 members. Today, Corp Comm Studio operates from two locations and does a minimum of 30 reports in one financial year.

USP of the Company
The success factors that led Corp Comm Studio to its accomplishments are undoubtedly the unique features they put forward into this space. Such as their lean and flexible business working model, unique content development process, best corporate reporting practices, and vision-driven and industry agnostic approach. Furthermore, they use international methodologies and standards when it comes to annual report development and also offers AR consulting services and academic programmes.

Interestingly, the agency has successfully expanded its clients since its inception by educating clients on the importance of corporate reporting. In a space where even top-listed global companies were producing basic and statutory reports, Corp Comm Studio was able to make a significant difference by developing quality annual reports and producing better results in terms of increased engagement from annual report readers. When coupled with the unique expertise of Corp Comm Studio, a company can ensure a good annual report highlighting all essential investor value propositions.

“Our unique capabilities in the investor communication domain have enabled us to grow and support numerous organizations in enhancing their investor communication strategies”, says Pramila Maria Pinto, Director of Corp Comm Studio. At the same time, Corp Comm Studio advocates for the best practices in reporting and also deliberately focuses on raising awareness and thereby educating decision-makers on various aspects of corporate reporting, such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors), performance review, and strategies.

Going forward, the agency intends to keep the quality of the services they offer and is expecting to increase its client base by diversifying into more sectors and working with potential clients. Most importantly, Corp Comm Studio will be working with IR agencies for better synergies to produce powerful and helpful annual reports.

On the other hand, Corp Comm Studio will continue to have a research approach and will be collaborating with management institutes and professional associations to create awareness among financial students and for greater visibility.